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Roman Cigan aka ROMAN CIGI - DJ / Music Producer

born in Slovakia, but now resides in London, UK.

ROMAN CIGI works across multiple genres of music,

which sets him apart from other artists with his

flexibility & experienced approach. ROMAN CIGI

has long ago stepped out of the box as a music

maker and mixer. He can re-contextualize

any music in a creative and novel way & has

a breadth & depth of knowledge of different

genres through which he can flow effectively.


His music journeys through the genres of

House, Tech House, Techno, Trance,

Progressive House,  Cinematic & more.


To date, ROMAN CIGI has collaborated with music

producers, mastering engineers, and songwriters -

Ted Jensen, Eric Sneo, Brosso, Bailey Jehl, Cid Inc.,

Zac Tiessen, Sergio Del Lago, etc.


Roman is a member of London Sound Academy,

owner of record label Soundevote, played gigs in Ibiza

and also at the iconic Ministry Of Sound, UK.



Many new projects are on its way. Stay tuned!


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